About Us

The Planet that we call home has a delicate balance. 
The Earth provides, sustains and nurtures life. Biodegrades to become new life and the cycle continues. The Earth & Nature do this naturally.
Our Belief is to do the same and be part of that balance.
Our products are Fair Trade, providing livable wages for Farmers. 
Our ingredients are Responsibly Sourced meaning no negative impact to people or the Planet. 
We Believe only pure natural ingredients should touch your skin, there for all our ingredients are Certified Organic, simple and all natural with no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or fillers.
Our packaging is Biodegradable meaning you can throw it in your compost and it will naturally break down and become part of the earth springing forward new life.
One of the areas that we would like to help create balance is with Climate Change. 
10% of our profits go to support those that innovate and implement technology solutions to reducing excess carbon in the atmosphere.
We believe in nurturing ourselves as well as nurturing the Planet. 
By taking care of our home, the Earth we take care of all Life, including ourselves.